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B.Sc Life Science

Program Overview

B.Sc. Life Sciences is a three-year undergraduate program that offers the study of different life forms that includes the scientific study of living organisms like human beings, plants, animals, aquatic organisms etc. In addition to that course also includes the basic chemistry that makes student efficient to understand the interaction of living beings with the physical world.

B.Sc. Life Sciences at IAR is 3 years (6 semesters) long program. The course contents are designed as per UGC guidelines. It contains core subjects, elective subject, skill enhancement courses and discipline-specific course. The course not only provides theoretical knowledge of subjects but also engage the students in practical laboratories for better understanding of different scientific concepts.

In the initial phase of the course, the students learn the basic subjects like Plant diversity, Animal diversity, and Fundamental of chemistry etc after that exposed with the discipline-specific courses like Plant physiology, Mammalian physiology, Taxonomy, Biochemistry, Ecology and Molecular biology along with the interdisciplinary courses like Pharmaceutical chemistry, Immunology and Environmental biotechnology.

The program was started in 2014 currently more than 25 students enrolled. Some of our Pass out students are doing higher studies in esteemed institutions like Hyderabad University, IISER etc. Few students were also selected for a summer internship at premier research centers in India.


Sr. Secondary (10+2) with biology as a main subject or PCB.

Selection process

The admission is based on merit.

After the Program

Higher studies

  • Master of Science (M.Sc)
  • B Ed


  • Scientific Assistant in Botanical Survey of India, Zoological Survey of India, Laboratory Manager, Taxonomic Assistant
  • Government Jobs: Civil Cervices, Indian Forest Services
  • Teaching: TGT, lecturer in School,
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

Structure of Program

Total: 120 Credits

Subject Category Name of the Subjects Credit
Semester I

AECC-1 English/MIL Communication 2+0
CC-CHE-1 Fundamental Chemistry 4+2
CC-BOT-1 Biodiversity 4+2
CC—ZOO-1 Animal Diversity 4+2

Semester II

AECC-2 Environmental Science 2+0
CC-CHE-2 Physical & Organic Chemistry –1 4+2
CC-BOT-2 Plant Ecology and Taxonomy 4+2
CC-ZOO-2 Comparative anatomy and Developmental Biology of Vertebrates 4+2

Semester III

CC-BOT-3 Plant Anatomy and Embryology 4+2
CC-ZOO-3 Biochemistry & Metabolism 4+2
CC-CHE-3 Molecules of Life 4+2
SEC-I Microbial Quality Control in Food and Pharmaceutical Industries 2+0

Semester IV

CC-BOT-4 Plant Physiology and Metabolism 4+2
CC-ZOO-4 Genetics and Evolutionary Biology 4+2
CC-CHE-4 Inorganic and Physical Chemistry 4+2
SEC-2 Enzymology 2+0

Semester V

DSE-BOT-1 Bioinformatics 4+2
DSE-ZOO-1 Immunology 4+2
DSE-CHE-1 DSE from Chemistry 4+2
SEC-3 From Chemistry 2+0

Semester VI

DSE-BOT-2 Cell & Molecular Biology 4+2
DSE-ZOO-2 Animal Biotechnology 4+2
DSE-CHE-2 DSE from Chemistry 4+2
SEC-4 Medical Diagnosis 2+0



AECC: Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course; CC: Core Course; GE: General Elective

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