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Department of Engineering and Computing

In the Department of Engineering and Computing, we offer high-quality professional education in engineering, computer science, and information technology, integrated with the University’s acclaimed strength in physical sciences, biotechnology, business and management. Our students focus not just on the acquisition of technical knowledge, but on design and professional practice throughout the programs. A distinctive focus at our department is in preparing students for lifelong learning and development. Our graduates are prepared not only for the first job but for career growth and advancement throughout their careers.


We are a young and rapidly growing department, allowing us to create a unique learning environment in which knowledge and application are integrated. We believe that learning outside the classroom is as important as it is within the classroom. Therefore we create opportunities for our students to undertake experiential learning whether it is through internships, industry visits or occasional lectures from industry leaders.

Our faculty are highly accomplished and inspire our students to aim for higher achievement including participation in research and design projects including at the undergraduate programs.

Our education philosophy revolves around educating our students to be well-rounded professionals regardless of whether they choose to take up jobs in the industry upon graduation or progress towards higher academic achievement.

We have exciting research programs developing in the department. These currently focus on energy, biotechnology and bioprocess engineering, modeling and simulation, and environmental engineering.


Programs offered –

  1. B.Tech
  2. M.Tech