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Department of Physical Sciences

The Department of Physical Sciences offers collaborative space between physics, chemistry, and Mathematics, combining knowledge and discovery with an enquiring mindset and entrepreneurship to address real-world challenges. Structured around education, research and impact the Department underpins the University’s multidisciplinary focus on knowledge enhancement and application.

The Department offers high-quality research-informed undergraduate, postgraduate and research degree programs in a diverse range of physical sciences. With high faculty to student ratios, students benefit from personalized tuition and learning support. We also emphasize on practical learning, both through practical classes and project-based learning.

M.Sc Degree College IAR Gandhinagar

With faculty who bring experience from leading universities in India and abroad, the quality of our research is of international standing. The increasing interest from industries in what we do at the university is a testament to the quality and relevance of our education and research.

We have an exciting range of research areas, which include plasma and its applications, gravitational waves, nanomaterials, sensors for diagnostics, green chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and energy physics amongst several other cutting edge topics.

As the Department continues to grow, we work collaboratively with other departments and external institutions to add value to our education programs and to translate our research into practice.