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M.Sc Biotechnology

Program Overview

M.Sc. Biotechnology is a structured two-year undergraduate program with the strong interdisciplinary research base in biological sciences as well as various techniques applied to living cells. M.Sc. Biotechnology is one of the most demanding courses sought in the current era. Graduates in this discipline are trained with an analytical mindset to obtain valued solutions to harness the quality of life through major advances in agriculture, environment, health and medicine.

M.Sc. Biotechnology at IAR is 2 years (4 semesters) program. The course is tailor-designed for students who are keen to discover the modern and latest frontiers of science for the benefits of human mankind and are curious to find the balance between biology and technology. The scope of biotechnology as a career option is very promising which have witnessed amazing discoveries, new applications, and innovative products addressing difficult challenges of society which were introduced in the market in the last decade.

The course not only provides theoretical knowledge of subjects but also engage the students in practical laboratories for better understanding of different scientific concepts. The curriculum for M.Sc. Biotechnology at IAR is designed with one complete semester (last semester) for students to engage in practical dissertation training which involves full-time research and application-based laboratory teaching. The study module of biotechnology at IAR includes but not limited to

Plant & Animal biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular & Cellular biology, Genetic engineering, Ecology & Environmental sciences, Immunology, Bioinformatics, Genomics & Proteomics etc. Public lectures, industrial tours, conferences and hands-on workshops are also an integral part of the program. The graduates are also trained for national level examination such as NET/GATE for higher education perspective.

The program was started in 2015 currently more than 30 students enrolled. Some of our graduates are pursuing PhD in esteemed institutions nationally as well as internationally. Few of our graduates have been employed at acclaimed industries like Zydus, Supratech Labs Pvt. Ltd, Lambda Therapeutics, Ishan Biotech etc.


  • B.Sc. in any Biological and allied subjects.
  • B.Sc. in Chemistry, Life sciences and Pharmaceutical sciences with biology as a subject.

Selection process

The admission is based on merit.

After the Program

Higher studies

  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in India or abroad


  • Scientific Officer: in Scientific Laboratories etc.
  • Government Jobs in the biology domain.
  • Academic job opportunities in colleges and universities include lecturers, research scientist, junior research fellows, lab managers and skilled technician.
  • In Industry with interest in biopharma or biotechnological production as R&D, managerial or marketing positions.

Structure of Program

Total Program Credits: 84

Semester – I Total Credits: 23

S. No. Subject Credits
Theory Practical
1 Developmental Biology 3
2 Advanced Biochemistry 3
3 Bioinformatics 3
4 Molecular Biology 3
5 Cell biology 3
6 Ecology and Environment Science 3
7 Laboratory -1 (Micro, Biochem, r-DNA, Mol Bio, Cell Bio)

Semester – II Total Credits: 21

S. No. Subject Credits
Theory Practical
1 rDNA technology 3
2 Immunology 3
3 Genetics 3
4 Tools and Techniques 3
5 Biostatics (STAT 801) or Applied Microbiology 3
6 Seminar 1
7 Laboratory -2

Semester – III Total Credits: 20

S. No. Subject Credits
Theory Practical
1 Plant Biotechnology 3
2 Animal Biotechnology 3
3 Genomics and proteomics 3
4 Bioethics, Biosafety and IPR 3
5 Medical Microbiology or Industrial Microbiology 3
6 Laboratory – 3

Semester – IV Total Credits: 20

S. No. Subject Credits
Theory Practical
1 Dissertation (PRJ 802)
2 Bio entrepreneurship 3 1
3 Industrial Visit (IND 801)