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President’s Message

Professor Rao Bhamidimarri

Institute of Advanced Research (IAR)
(Gujarat State Private University)

The grand challenges that the society faces today can only be met by education and research driven innovation. Whether it is the impact of climate change, resource depletion or life-long health and well being, these can only be confronted by the advancement of knowledge and its application.

The Institute of Advanced Research is committed to developing and delivering world-leading higher education programs that are underpinned by relevant research. Education disconnected from the real world context does not necessarily lead to graduates who will be the driving force for growth of the economy and, social and environmental well-being that we seek. Therefore, students at the Institute of Advanced Research (IAR) actively interact with society, business and industry through extra-curricular and co-curricular programs. Our students and faculty benefit from a structured interaction with business and industry leaders through open lectures, collaborative research and innovation, business competitions, industry visits and voluntary work in society.

Increasingly complex problems demand ever innovative solutions, which can only be realized through multi-disciplinary education, research and application, which are all intertwined.

Acquisition of knowledge is one but important aspect of university education. Our focus is also on developing our students as confident and enterprising individuals as we believe that confident and enterprising graduates will be the future leaders and change-makers in our society.

We are a young and growing university, allowing us for setting the agenda for innovative university education, research and enterprise to contribute to the social and economic advancement of our state and our nation.

I warmly welcome you to join us in this journey.

Professor Rao Bhamidimarri