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IAR offers a blend of learning environment that makes it easy for a student to learn and inculcate the spirit to shine in a pool of never ending opportunities amongst the talented and hard-working students.

Khush Axay Shah
B.Tech, Chemical

Studies here are perfectly balanced with extracurricular activities nurturing our communication, teamwork and leadership skills that are an absolute necessity for success.

Ravindrasinh J. Rahewar
B.Tech, Chemical

Here we get hands on experience of science teaching and learning with a fine balance of academics and curricular activities that play a very important role in student’s personal development.

Yukta Rana
B.Sc, Biotechnology

I can tell that the University vouches for the holistic development of the students and provides us the essential confidence building exposure preparing us for success in today’s highly competitive world.

Raghav Joshi
B.Tech, Computer Engineering

The congenial environment here has given me numerous opportunities to participate in curricular as well as extracurricular activities and groom my personality.

Gautam K. Bhattathiri
B.Tech, Computer Engineering

IAR, provides a great environment for research and education blended in student friendly environment for learning life skills to satiate our curious minds. Glad of my choice to be here…

Riddhi Contractor  
B.Tech, Biotechnology

The institute has a nice ambience and highly specialised laboratories. There are equal opportunities for co-curricular activities also. Overall, it’s a peacefuland likeable environment at IAR and I enjoy thoroughly.

Bhumika Ajwani
B.Sc, Biotechnology

Studying at IAR has added a value to my life by giving me ample opportunities to learn from meeting people from various walks of life.

Medha Vyas 
B.Tech, Information Technology

I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated my time at IAR as a graduate student. The faculty and staff helped me and provided every available opportunity from day one to achieve my professional goals and develop interpersonal skills. I appreciate the training and skillsets I received to become an independent researcher and scientist, which is helping me even today during my post-doctoral research work. .

Kunal Shah, PhD Biochemistry, 2017
Biology, Eugene USA, University of Oregon, USA.

I did my doctoral research at Laboratory of Cell Biology, IAR, Gandhinagar. It was a great journey that taught me some of the important lessons that I will always cherish in my life. At present I am working at Yale University as a Postdoctoral Researcher. My current research interest is to explore the consequences of gene polymorphism in human diseases. I am sure the discipline and dedication that I learnt at IAR will help me in future endeavors.

Kishu Ranjan, PhD Biochemistry, 2017
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Yale University, New Haven, USA.

My sincere gratitude to IAR for providing world-class infrastructure and support to pursue my PhD. IAR foundation has amazing galaxy of Scientist and teachers to support and nurture student carrier

Arun Kumar Singh, PhD Biotechnology, 2015
Research Scientist, Mankind Research Center, Gurgaon.

I did my doctoral research at Department of Bioinformatics & Structural Biology, IIAR, Gandhinagar. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated my journey at IAR which taught me how to think independently. The faculty and staff helped me and provided every available opportunity from day one to achieve my professional goals and develop interpersonal skills. The huge amount of dynamics the varsity has is amazing and apart from teaching the place also taught me the discipline and dedication which will excel me in future

Vijay Singh, PhD Biotechnology 2014
Senior Data Scientist, Innoplexus Pvt. Ltd., Pune

The institute has provided me a good atmosphere to do a quality research. The good infrastructure and lab facility have supported me to achieve the goals. My entire Ph.D. tenure in IAR had been a memorable and remarkable experience.

Vinoth Kumar, PhD Biochemistry, 2017
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Institute of Life Sciences, Bhuveneshwar, Orissa.


Writing about IAR would be like remembering through the tinted glass of time. It was a funny experience working at IIAR like cool work environment, great teachers, good leaders, great support staff. Those birthday parties at the roof tops, good food and missing the love and affection I got from all. Miss good old days at IAR

Priyabrata Mohanty, PhD Biotechnology, 2017
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Stephenson Life Science Centre, University of Oklahoma, Norman, USA